The Solution

ReliaBattery is a microprocessor powered device, interfacing with the batteries, SCADA system, and the smart-charger to optimize the reliability and life of the batteries and status of the charger. Instead of just sitting on that smart-charger forever and seeing the same charge month after month and year after year, the batteries can get exercise similar to regular use, like in a car.  When the storm hits and the power goes out, your standby batteries will perform like the day they were installed.

Adding ReliaBattery to the switching installation will increase cost of an installation.  And the best part is that the investment in ReliaBattery will cause the batteries to last longer. ReliaBattery could reduce the number of site visits and length of time at the site needed for battery maintenance.  Just by adding extra life to batteries, the device pays for itself in just a few years. But the best part is that does a really nice job of looking at the batteries every day to make sure they're ready to perform when needed or send a battery fail alarm.

ReliaBattery is positioned between the charger, the batteries, and the system SCADA. From this vantage point it can monitor the batteries and the charger and provide a little bit of exercise for the batteries as well as report in through the SCADA if there's a problem.

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